Giant Rocky is an enemy appearing in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror that gives the Stone ability. It somewhat resembles Rocky, but is a Large Enemy, meaning it is a great deal larger and a bit harder to beat head-on. It is grumpy in appearance, has yellow shoes, clenched fists, and wears a yellow hard hat. Like Rocky, it attacks by jumping. However, its massive size prevents it from walking around. Like all large enemies, it can only be inhaled with a Super Inhale. Sometimes, even when one Giant Rocky is defeated, another one immediately spawns out of nowhere to take its place.




  • If a Rocky was to accidentally slam down on an enemy, the enemy sustain a small bit of damage. The Giant Rocky on the other hand, goes unharmed.
  • Although official art shows Giant Rocky with a cleaved, craggy body, its in-game sprite instead shows Giant Rocky with a smooth, dull orange body.
Giant Rocky (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Giant Rocky in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror