Kirby and Amazing Mirror - Prank Scene

Prank in Kirby and Amazing Mirror

Prank is an imp-like enemy that has so far only appeared in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. As his name implies, Prank will try his best to pull a faintly comical (and sometimes cliche) prank joke on Kirby that are (obviously) mischievous in nature, and may also be harmful. His pranks include trying to trip Kirby with a banana peel, painting Kirby's face with purple paint, throwing forth a frying pan (gives Cook to Kirby) or fireballs (gives Fire), or chucks of ice (gives ice), and sometimes even drop bombs (Bomb ability, obviously). While slipping on the banana peel doesn't damage Kirby, he does lose his ability if he steps on it. If Kirby is hit by his paint attack however, he does suffer damage and needs to take a second to wipe his face clean again. After pulling a prank on Kirby, Prank flees the scene. Depending on what type of "joke" Prank plays, Kirby may get an ability from eating it. When you swallow Prank himself, you get no power.

Prank (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Prank in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror