Simirrors are mythical, wizard-like enemies that appear in Kirby Super Star and its remake. They are garbed in flowing green robes and wear white wizard hats with stars on them. They wield powerful wands which can be utilized to attack with mirror-like magic. They give Kirby the Mirror ability when inhaled and swallowed. They are unique in the fact that they are the only source of the Mirror ability; Kirby is unable to get it from another enemy or boss.

Simmirors are also the Helpers for the Mirror ability. As Helpers, these wizardly allies always wear red robes with a light brown hat and can do virtually anything Mirror Kirby can.

The shadowy faces, hats, and robes of Simirrors, as well as their status as wizards, are reminiscent of the Black Mages of Final Fantasy fame. In addition, their design may have been the basis for Wiz, a large, seeminingly faceless magician clad in red that serves as a boss in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.


Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star UltraEdit

Simirrors serve as both an enemy and a helper in these games. They wander the levels waiting for Kirby to approach, and then unleash a barrage of glassy magic at him when he steps into their range. If the player fires a projectile at this shield-like mirror (such as Cutter Kirby's boomerang), it will be reflected off (hence the name) and inflict damage. Also, Simmirrors will occasionally clone themselves and warp around the stage using their magic.

As stated above, Simirror gives the Mirror ability in his game.

In Helper to Hero, Simirror is playable. This version of Simirror features a green robe, much like the enemy version, but has the same brown hat that the helper version wears. They can shield themselves in a rainbow-colored bubble to protect themselves, much like Mirror Kirby can.

Simirror is one of the 3 helpers that can go away from Computer Virus unharmed.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, When Kirby's Grab (Beam, Fighter, Ninja, Bomb, Yo-Yo, Jet, Parasol, Ice, Suplex) some ready to catch that made a Simirror explode and then they damage enemies, killing enemies, damaged bosses.


Simirror in Kirby Super Star

Simirror (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Simirror in Kirby Super Star Ultra